So you have some fret buzz?  Don't be too quick to adjust the neck.  Your problem may not be there.  Remember - since your neck has a radius, the strings must be on a radius too.  This is generally handled at the nut (although not always and not always precisely), but the real radius happens at the bridge.  Many bridges have adjustable saddles.  If so, start there.  It's much easier. 

To do this, you must know the radius of your neck.  If you don't, don't "fret," you can get a simple too from any number of places that will tell you.  Then check the radius at the bridge to make sure it matches.  If your bridge lets you adjust, make sure the radius is correct.  Often times your problematic string may be too low.  Raise the bridge saddle to match the radius and the buzz can buzz off. 

Some bridges will let you adjust the height.  Some can be more difficult or involved.  Sometimes it's done by raising the bridge on one side or another and then "slotting" the saddles correctly.  So know your bridge (or learn it) and know your options.  Either way, adding more relief to the neck can undesirably raise the action.  Point is?  Check here too!