At Diamond, we know your guitar is much more than just the tool you use to create sound. It's a part of you. It's an extension of you. It's a reflection of your personality and your style. And frankly, we're just tired of the same ol' boring guitars. Let's face it - no guitar player has ever said, "Oh, I'm just kinda normal and plain." So why should this extension of you be such?

What we produce are guitars that not only look, but feel and sound like nothing else on the stage.

Too frequently today do we see guitar lines that look like other guitar lines. It's as if the guitar companies simply watch what the other guitar companies are doing, then wash, rinse and repeat. Guitar playing has evolved. Guitar sounds have evolved. Music has evolved. Why shouldn't the guitar itself evolve? We start with traditional feel, then move it into the modern. 3-Dimensional contouring in the guitar body is a signature of Diamond's style. But it can't stop there. We love to experiment with colors, with woods, with bursts, with blends. The resulting product is a guitar that is as unique as you, the player, but retains that familiarity that guitar players love to have.

Style is calling. We answer it.


Design and style is great, but if your guitar doesn't perform, it's nothing. In today's market, there is an over-saturation of "guitar shaped objects". Like a driver who needs a vehicle that allows them to "feel" the road, and responds with precision and power, guitar players need instruments that allow them to "feel" their music and respond the way they need it to respond. Diamond doesn't follow the path of so many companies out there of "almost is good enough - just keep the cost down." 

The diamond represents beauty, elegance and perfection. It represents what we stand for. But more importantly, it represents our promise to deliver guitars that deliver, over and over, or nothing at all.

At Diamond, we're not interested in building guitars that are merely "cool" or "cheap". Instead, we choose to engineer instruments that combine the architecture, the design, the sound and the "feel" to create something extraordinary, something that can't be expressed in a simple picture, spec chart or price tag. Because to us, guitars aren't just widgets of commerce. And what they make us feel can't be measured. We spend the time to embrace the craftsmanship to optimize your instrument, to pay attention to the thickness of the body, the shape of the neck, the angle of the headstock and the choice of pickups guaranteeing custom shop feel and quality, regardless of its price-point. 


Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all afford $5,000 guitars made to our every little desire? Well, until then, there's simply no excuse for companies failing to deliver to you custom shop guitars at a price that works for the musician's budget. Frankly, it's the little things that companies cut corners on that make all the difference.  If you're going to put color on the guitar, why can't you make it interesting? When you select pickups, how hard is it to match the voicing of the pickup to the voicing and "spirit" of the guitar you're putting them in? Isn't that what we all do after the fact? Wonderful, but then it's a few hundred dollars more.

We take the extra step to do what we all do to our instruments, which gives our product that custom shop thing, right out of the box.

Diamond custom pickups, specifically designed by Jeff Diamant, are not just the generic Chinese imported pickup you get in so many guitars, cleverly branded as "Company X Pickups" or "Company Y Pickups". Our pickups are specifically voiced, every part selected, every winding to our spec and built for you.

Finishes are drawn from influences in all parts of life. The result is a line that is not your typical black, blue, purple and green. Even the most basic colors are in our styling only if they are applied in a way that is interesting. And let's not forget the little touches - engraved truss rod covers, engraved tail pieces, binding and even the pickup rings are selected based on the look and feel of the entire guitar.


What we do at Diamond is a simple reflection of our background. The driving force behind the Diamond family of products is Jeff Diamant, founder of Diamond Amplification. Diamond Amps began with one goal--give the players the tone and features they need, with the durability necessary to stand up to the abuse of the road. Now Diamond is becoming the benchmark against which all other amplifiers are judged. Diamond’s iconic high-powered amplifiers have now paved the way for a top-down redesign of Class A and vintage redefined amplifiers, proving Diamond to be the all around choice for players of any class or genre.

Diamond Amplification lives by a simple philosophy - your amp is your voice. You rely on it to turn your innermost passions into your expression, your music and your individuality. Without it, you are a race car without an engine. But reliability is not enough. Consequently, Diamond was born from the deepest commitment to unmistakable designs, unparalleled voicing, and unsurpassable durability.

Building a purpose-built machine designed specifically to win races requires the merging of art and science. 

Our amps, therefore, start with tried and true design and structure from proven circuit design. Tolerances of components are militantly ensured. Components chosen are the finest. And then comes the art. Each product is then given the stylistic expression and individual refinement of the world’s fastest superbikes ridden by the world’s fastest riders.

The Diamond Amps philosophies and foundations for the entire core-of-being for Diamond Guitars.