As you may know, we've been hit by Hurricane Harvey. The flooding has been devastating. We're ok and so is the shop, but we can't get there and of course FedEx and UPS are not running. It'll be about 2 days (at least) before we can even get to the shop, unless the storm makes landfall again, which we don't expect. 

Internet and phones have been sketchy and, of course, our focus right now is our families, friends and our city. So please be patient with us while we sort through this.

But as our own middle finger to Harvey, we've put a site-wide sale on this week (EXTENDED THROUGH NEXT WEEK). Use code FUHARVEY10 and save. Please note, any orders placed this week may not ship until next week. And Harvey, if you wanna keep us down, you gotta do better than that, son.

See images and video below.

UPDATE (8/31/17): The water is receding, however to avoid the dams breaking (which would be catastrophic), the City is releasing water, which is causing more flooding. So although the storm has ceased, the flooding continues. 

Yesterday, several of us had to spend all day doing water evacuations for people from their homes, many filled with several feet of water. 

The good news is that many of the streets and businesses are re-opening, which is helping quite a bit. We have not been able to get to our office yet, so we don't know what damage is there, if any, but the inventory should be safe. We should be able, god-willing and the creek don't rise, to resume shipping next week. 

As important, all of us are safe and alive. Unfortunately we can't say that about the entirety of our City. So we'll do what we can to help them. Bear with us in the meantime. 

We are so proud of our City and all those that waited in line to volunteer, those that cooked for everyone, and those that waded through chest high water with us to evacuate people. THIS is a city. We love you Houston!