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The BARCHETTA combines a classic style with a modern update. Beautiful enough to be classic, modern enough to be aggressive, the BARCHETTA has a wide variety of colors and configurations to go from casual, to black tie, to black t-shirt. The BARCHETTA is what happens when a guitar grows up. The pinnacle of refinement and power, it's the S-Class AMG of guitars. Sleek, elegant, and FAST.

The LT models afford you the opportunity for a guitar built to the same quality as our highest end guitars but at a more affordable price-point. Features a bolt-on neck and Diamond Custom Pickups optimized for our guitars and for the best amplifier performance.




Fulcrum Tremolo

Designed for enhanced sustain and better reliability, this fulcrum style tremolo has become an industry standard that all other trem systems are judged by. They are used by many professional guitar Luthiers and can be found on many of the high-end instruments on the market. Unsurpassed for performance and tuning stability without the need for a mechanics tool kit to change strings.


Diamond Custom Pickups

Diamond Guitars spent countless hours refining their signature custom pickups. With its background in high-end custom amplification with years of developing some of the finest amplifiers in the world, Diamond's approach to pickups takes a much more integrated testing mindset realizing that the pickup is a part of the whole rig, not just a discreet component. Our pickups are optimized to get the best performance from your amplifier by paying very particular attention to the frequencies and shape of the output of the pickup. For more information on the pickup models, see our Diamond Custom Pickups page.



Grover Tuners

Often considered the world's finest tuning machines, the Grover tuners are a triumph in engineering and style. The housing provides a maximum bearing for worm gear and string post and designed to eliminate backlash and slippage. Countersunk tension tension screw permits players to regulate turning tension to any degree. Gear box has a special lubricant for lifetime, trouble-free service.


Contoured Bolt Neck

The Bolt Neck design has been around since nearly the origin of electric guitars. The neck is joined to the body with a screwed in or "bolt on" design maximizing strength and making service easy. Diamond's contoured system provides for incredible comfort and fast feel.